Mental Health - 2018

    Suicide rate is on the rise — perhaps indicating that our Community’s mental-health management is lagging behind the rest of medicine. Data reveals that more than 60% of suicide patients are below age the of 30. Majority of the suicides about 90% are committed by intake of poisonous substances, including chemicals like insecticide and pesticides. This year we received 72 such cases and 56 cases survived. Other than the regular follow up for survivors last year we couldn’t do much preventive measures. Planning for communitybased suicide prevention programs “Suicide and suicide loss survivor Programme”.

    Case 1
    A young couple Surindri Kumar (name changed) age 20 and her husband Kishore Kumar aged 32 years from Bargoan were rushed to emergency after ingestion of poison. Both survived but Surindri was mentally disturbed and took time to recover. Later in the time of counseling it was revealed to be a case of extra marital affair. The couple went through counseling and follow up visits were made. Forgivness is helping her to heal and our volunteers make sure that they get trustworthy support.

    Listening is the quality needed to support most of the suicide survivors “any burden or problem shared becomes a problem half-solved”. What a privilege to join hands to pray for these souls and bring them back to life!

    Case 2
    19 year old Akhil Bariha* in his counselling session said unemployment ,financial crisis and hopelessness as reason for his suicide attempt. The time spent in Sewa Bhawan attending ward prayers, sessions with volunteers and staff helped him to find the truth and way to eternal life.Our volunteers could visit him regularly and spend ample amount of time in prayer and support. Today he has found a job and is growing spiritually ,influencing many others.

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