Mushroom Cultivation And Training Centre


    The main focus of the project should be motivation, Training, Information dissemination, Technical and Financial assistance for preparation of culture/spawn cultivation, harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, marketing linkages with farmers to increase employment opportunities and generating income.

    The project should include one or all of the following activities

    1. Awareness generation, motivation and involvement of farmers in cultivation of Mushrooms.
    2. The Project target at providing technical training to women, small, marginal and landless farmers, rural youth , Disabled etc.
    3. Providing technical and financial assistance to the farmers for developing Spawn/culture centers.
    4. Information dissemination to the farmers, tribals about the market available for different varieties of Mushrooms. Identification and arrangement of suitable market for the collected produce.
    5. Conducting meetings/ seminars/ workshops for providing common platform for farmers and marketers.
    6. Documentation and publication of useful information concerning preparation of Spawn/culture, techniques of cultivation of various types of mushroom, their semi-processing and preservation, quality control packaging and marketing.
    7. Networking and collaboration among the various stakeholders dealing with Mushroom Cultivation and marketing.

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